GGI Best Technical Tax Presentation 2019

Robert Anthony, our Principal Partner, receives the international award « GGI Best Technical Tax Presentation 2019 »

Since 2010, Anthony & Cie is an independent member of GGI (Geneva Group International), a prestigious global alliance based in Zurich (Switzerland), bringing together leading companies with expertise in consulting, accounting, legal and tax matters. GGI has been ranked 3rd in the ranking of international associations and networks by the International Accounting Bulletin (London) and…

40 years of being your family office

2018 is marked for its mid-period by major events as it is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One, sign of a constant peace in the world. Impression accentuated by the “outstretched hand” policy of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. This year with such memorable events, Anthony & Cie celebrates, peacefully…

French wealth tax on real estate modified in 2018

The application of the new financial bill will have a direct repercussion on the French wealth management strategies. The necessity of knowing the new laws is primordial, especially if one has to plan in order to optimize and organise appropriately client’s assets.

International ultra-high net worth individuals, UHNWI’s, are concerned about the impact of the taxes possibly due. This is a challenging time for wealth managers. (…)

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Written by Alexane Palide
Published in “GGI INSIDER” – January 2018

Panama Papers: Onshore, Offshore and Substance

Panama Papers: Onshore, Offshore and Substance Written by Robert Anthony Published in “Tax Planning International Review”, Gestion de Fortune and l’Agefi For the last few years there has been a trend led by the G-7, then the G-20, to encourage transparency and exchange of information on a global level. The issue of the Panama Papers…

Overview on the use of Family offices • Interview of Robert Anthony for “Les Echos”

Gestion de fortune, la méthode des milliardaires Overview on the use of Family offices Interview of Robert Anthony Published in “Les Echos Week-End”, renowned French financial & economical magazine Written by Jean-Denis Errard 11 December 2015 Click here to read the complete article in French version.   Here are some extracts translated into English from the interview of Robert…

The use of an SCI to acquire property in France

An SCI (Société Civile Immobilière) is frequently used as a means to acquire property in France, and is appropriate for both French fiscal residents just as it is for non-residents. A “société civile immobilière” is a civil company having by definition its registered office in France, for it to then acquire property. The SCI, being…