The realization of your real estate projects in France under optimal legal, fiscal and financial conditions

Either you are a French or a non-resident, Anthony & Cie assists you in the realization of your real estate projects in France under optimal legal, fiscal and financial conditions.

From the acquisition phase to the administration of the property, the Anthony Investments team will assist you with their knowledge and resources to satisfy French legal and administrative requirements.

We will represent you as an intermediary with the various parties involved (real estate agencies, notaries, banks…) in the realization of your project with your interests at heart.

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Legal Coordination
  • Real estate coordination: real estate negotiation, in-depth analysis of the sales/ purchase agreement, representation / coordination with the notary …
  • Advising and coordinating the formation of the type of company most suited to the client’s needs: Société Civile Immobilière, Société à Responsabilité Limitée …
  • Appointment of being a French legal entity.
  • Ensure the registration or modification of the statutes any companies concerned.
  • Analyse the consequences of the acquisition and ensure tax optimization.
  • Ensure the legal and fiscal follow-up of the entities created or advising on the recommended structure: Société Civile Immobilière (SCI), holding, trust …
  • Liquidation
  • Capital gain
  • Fiscal representation
  • Dealing with capital gain taxe in case of sale
Property Management (SCI, SARL...)
  • Provide a registered office as well as administrative support for the management of the property.
  • Establish French company accounting and produce balance sheets in French and English.
  • Regular administrative support of these companies: such as invoices and payments, as well as reconciling bank accounts…
  • Coordinate the auditing of insurance contracts (property, automobile, private persons…) to ensure that property and people are fully protected.
  • Dealing with the payroll and social charges of any employees.
  • Coordinate building works with the various intermediaries: architects, lawyers, real estate agents, bankers, accountants…