Our team members provide you with strong knowledge and a specific skills set to best assist you in the management of your international affairs.  Anthony & Cie offers technical expertise in a wide range of fields such as accounting, law, finance, wealth management, real estate & administration to be able to satisfy all project needs.

Robert Anthony
Robert Anthony, Principal Partner
Robert Anthony is the Principal Partner of Anthony & Cie and Anthony & Cie International in France. He was formerly Professor of International Tax Law at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California. He is a British Chartered Certified Accountant (UK) and Certified Financial Planner (France). Robert has submitted a number of publications to various international journals.  He regularly speaks at international conferences as an expert in family office issues. Robert is a member of GGI and FNAIM.
Alexane Palide
Alexane PALIDE ANDERSEN, International Wealth Mger
For the last 3 years, Alexane has been working for Anthony & Cie. Her role is to assist our international clients with Tax, Legal and Financial Planning, she is also specialized in French property tax-(IFI), equivalent of wealth tax for non-residents. Alexane has a Master degree in Asset Management – Finance. she also teaches wealth management in a Master’s business school.
Christophe Maulny, Senior Wealth Manager
Christophe has been working as an International Wealth Manager at Anthony & Cie for the last 15 years. He provides international clients with his strong expertise in developping cross border strategies. Christophe has an International Finance Postgraduate Degree.
Joris Cataldi, Wealth Manager
Joris has been working as a Wealth Manager for Anthony & Cie for the last 2 years. He is in charge of the legal formalities and insurance department. Joris has a Master degree in Asset Management – Finance in 2019He previously worked for 3 years in the insurance sector.
Zakia de Medeiros, Communication Consultant
For last 15 years, Zakia has been advising Anthony & Cie in its communication strategy.  Zakia has a postgraduate degree in communication. Through the years, she has gained a solid experience working for advertising agencies and clients to help them optimise visbility and develop their brand. Zakia is very familiar with the HNWIs & UHNWIs markets.
Christ Ekouah, Wealth Advisor
Christ has joined Anthony & Cie recently to work on asset management, accounting and commercial matters. Christ has a a French Bachelor degree in accounting and management control.
Florian Vila, Wealth Advisor
Florian joined Anthony & Cie a year ago, he is specialised in Real Estate.
Carolyn Jannece Puiatti, Clients Relationships Specialist
Carolyn joined Anthony & Cie in 2019, she is currently in charge of developing clients relationships, she has wealth experience in the financial sector.
Natan Binet, Wealth Advisor
Nathan joined Anthony & Cie a year ago as a Wealth Advisor. He has a Bachelor degree in  finance, banking and insurance. He has work experience in different industries such as finance, chemistry, fragrances and transport.

Anthony & cie Team