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GGI_September 2018

Blockchain – New packaging for old processes

Beyond an opinion, we invite you to contribute to a discussion on the definition of Blockchain… Trendy concept? Real revolution in the financial market? Let’s discuss.

Written by Robert Anthony

Autumn issue_Family Office Magazine_Life insurance in Luxembourg

Wealth planning when moving to France
Case study

As part of our International Family Office core business, we often work on interesting creative wealth strategy as well as real estate planning that would have been very difficult to envisage before meeting the person at the source of inspiration.

We were recently approached by a couple of prospective clients, both of Irish nationalities and Abu Dhabi tax residency. They wished to change their way of life. Their concern was providing the best education possible for their three teenagers children. Their wishes were to come back to live in Europe and especially in the sunny South of France. It has also the advantage of well-known universities in a pleasant place to live.

Written by Christophe Maulny and Alexane Palide

Macron’s marvellous medicine

Macron’s marvellous medicine

Emmanuel Macron’s rise to power on a reforming agenda carries big implications for tax reforms and for the financial sector across Europe. Robert Anthony assesses the likely impact.

Written by Robert Anthony and Alexane Palide

After Brexit - the likely consequences of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU

After Brexit

Written by Robert Anthony
Published in “GGI-INSIDER”, News and Information for Members of Geneva Group International

Panama Papers: the necessity to differentiate between tax evasion and non-evasion
22 04 16_Agefi_Panama
16 05_Gestion de Fortune_Panama Papers

Panama: Onshore or Offshore

Written by Robert Anthony
Published in “Tax Planning International Review”, in “L’AGEFI”, renowned Swiss daily newspaper of the economic and financial Agency in Geneva and in “Gestion de Fortune”, renowned French magazine dedicated to Private Wealth Management

16 02_Gestion de Fortune_Nouvelles règles pour les non-domiciled au RU_PAGE 1

Non domiciled Status in the UK taxed after 15 years! Do I go or do I stay?

Written by Robert Anthony
Published in “Gestion de Fortune”, renowned French magazine dedicated to Private Wealth Management

Overview on the use of Family offices

Gestion de fortune, la méthode des milliardaires

Overview on the use of Family offices
Interview of Robert Anthony
Published in “Les Echos Week-End”, renowned French financial & economical magazine
Written by Jean-Denis Errard