AntCo (Anthony & Cie)

Member of the CNCGP (Chambre Nationale des Conseils en Gestion de Patrimoine) and the French CGPC Association (Certified Financial Planners).

Limited company with capital of €15,244.90.

SIRET (registration number) 353 037 849 00067 – Sophia Antipolis.

SIRET (registration number) 353 037 849 00059 – Marseille.

Insurance broker registered with Orias (www.orias.fr) # Orias 07 002 168.

AntCo Investments (Anthony Investments)

Limited company at €5,000.

SIRET (registration number) 453 065 088 00016.

Activity:  real-estate and commercial property transactions and property management.

Anthony Investments is unable to receive any funds, effects or investments.

Professional licence 10121 delivered by the Préfecture of the Alpes-Maritimes (guarantee amount:  €110,000).

Financial guarantee:  Covea Risks, 19/21 allées de l’Europe, 92616 Clichy cedex.

Bank: Société Générale, 1 place Joseph Bermond, Ophira 1, 06560 Valbonne.


Publications Director

Robert Anthony, Principal Partner AntCo.


Internet site management


N° SIRET 828 809 665 00015



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